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Grace & Cable

Craft Classes

Welcome to Grace & Cable.
Our aim is to reinvent the image of crochet and knitting by bringing classes to people of all ages and backgrounds with fashionable and contemporary designs.
We offer a full range of classes from complete beginner/refresher through to intermediate and expert levels.  Bespoke and private classes are also available.
First and foremost our classes are fun – we don’t take ourselves too seriously! There is always a lot of chat, tea and cake and of course the opportunity to learn a life long skill.

About Us

Hi, I’m Jo!  You might have met me at the Stitch Mouse in Epsom or Granary Crafts in Bookham where I have been teaching knit and crochet classes for the past few years. 

I have decided to branch out with a good friend Katherine to set up a new craft teaching business called Grace and Cable (Grace is my middle name and Cable is my favorite knit stitch).

I was an early starter, knitting at five years old and crocheting soon after, taught by my patient mum and nana.  I love all crafts - tapestry, embroidery and dressmaking but it was knit and crochet I turned into a career as a freelance knitwear designer and then tutor.  I am lucky enough to sell my designs internationally to luxury brands in both men’s and women’s wear.

What I love about teaching is that “click” when someone gets it for the first time and then goes on to love knitting and crochet as much as we do.  It’s a real privilege and part of our aim to spread the word and the benefits of crafting.




Jo is a great teacher, I have been on a few courses and have always learnt a lot from her. 

She is calm, patient and makes teaching knitting and crochet look simple (she also knits and crochets very speedily indeed)!!  

I would definitely recommend her courses.  Her beginners courses, in particular, are very flexible.  She can teach true beginners and those who have knitted/crocheted in the past but are very rusty. 

Jo's strength is that she always has something further to teach you even if you manage to master whatever the course is teaching you. 

I am greatly looking forward to her new courses and will be booking myself onto some of them. 

There is always lots of chat at the classes and that in itself is a learning tool. 

Sarah Betts

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